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Art Vinyl Australia

The original way to display your favourite vinyl records
What is Art Vinyl?
Created in London, the Art Vinyl Flip Frame is the original way to display your favourite vinyl records. Perfect for music or art enthusiasts and those with an eye for stylish interior design.

How it works

This is a Flip Frame for vinyl records, the very first picture frame you can change without removing it from the wall. With one finger touch on the hidden button at the top of the frame, it will open and you can change your display in seconds. Once closed the crystal clear UV protected acrylic will enhance your favourite record cover designs.

With a Play & Display Flip Frame your records are well looked after thanks to the ingenious 'sponge fingers' on the back of the frame that adjusts to the difference in thickness of vinyl records. This Flip Frame can display 12" singles, standard LPs or even Triple LPs and store the vinyl safely inside.

Keeping the frame flush against the wall are four rubber pads so your frame will sit securely against any surface. These pads will also ensure the frame stays straight even if you decide to change your records everyday. This is a quality frame designed to last a lifetime.